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We're all going to hell

Might as well enjoy the ride

Bela Talbot

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Thief. Con-Artist. Medium. Personal Winchester Antagonist.

Bela was originally born Abby Winters in London, England, where she was raised. Her father was physically and sexually abusive towards his daughter, and no matter what she did to try and help herself, no one would help her. This all came to a head when Abby was fourteen years-old, and she sold her soul in order to save herself from her abusive father, which ended in her parents being killed. Over the next ten years she reinvented herself, becoming Bela Talbot and immersing herself in the world of the supernatural, trying to find her way out of it. She became an expert in the occult, as well as a rather effective thief, making her fortune in stealing and marketing various cursed and spiritual objects to the highest bidders.

She was unsuccessful in finding a way out of her deal up until the last year of her life, until she happened to cross paths with Sam and Dean Winchester. After a few mishaps where she alternately screwed them over and had her life saved by them, she was approached by the demon who had her deal, Lilith, and was offered an alternate deal -- steal the Colt, and she'll save her life. Bela followed through, using an opportunity while Dean and Sam were traveling to the dream realm to break into their motel safe. She turned the gun over to Lilith's right hand, a demon named Crowley, but that wasn't enough. Lilith told her that she would have to kill Sam as well.

Dean caught wind of what she was up to, however, and when Bela broke into what she assumed was their motel room, the Winchesters were already gone. It was too late for her to try and follow -- there was only a few minutes left before midnight -- and she had just enough time to warn Dean that Lilith was the one holding his deal as well. As Dean hung up on her, the clock strikes midnight, and the episode fades out on Bela looking out the window, and the sound of howls filling the air.

Character: Bela Talbot
Fandom: Supernatural

Bela is usually played post-315: Time is on my Side, unless specified otherwise. A list of her active verses are HERE.

Disclaimer: Not Bela Talbot. Not Lauren Cohan. Bela belongs to the brilliant people over at Supernatural, and Lauren belongs to herself. This is all for fun, and I'll put everything back where I found it.

Canon: 315: Time is on my Side
Rift Ability: Pyrokinesis
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